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The industry's best spray foam rigs

We build the industry's best spray foam rigs, without question. We have several stock configurations and unlimited customizations in our rig line-up. See more about what truly makes Paratus the best builder and supplier of spray foam rigs to date.

More about the best spray foam rigs in the industry

Only the best Graco spray foam equipment

Just as we build the best spray foam rigs in the industry, we also use only the best spray foam equipment and components. Every piece of spray foam equipment in your spray foam rig will be Graco brand new, fully warrantied, and backed with our expert and passionate service and support.

See what makes Graco the best

The best and most diverse insulation, period

Spray foam insulation is not only the best type of insulation available, it is also gaining market-share faster than any other type. With the varities available such as open-cell and closed-cell spray foams, you can start one step ahead of your competition.

Find out what spray foam is all about

High growth and big profits can be yours

The spray foam industry is still a small portion of the insulation industry as a whole, but it is growing quickly and now is the time to get your piece of the action. With a partner like Paratus we will work relentlessly to engineering your long-term success in this industry.

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The industry's best spray foam rigs

What makes our spray foam rigs the best in the industry?

  • The XTR1 Spray
    Foam Rig
    Explore the XTR1 spray foam rig
  • The XTR2 Spray Foam Rig
    Explore the XTR2 spray foam rig
  • The XTR3 Spray Foam Rig
    Explore the XTR3 spray foam rig
We use the best equipment available

When it comes to spray foam equipment, there is only one name: Graco

It is not only the spray foam equipment we use in our spray foam rigs that sets us apart, every single piece that goes into our spray foam rigs is of the highest quality. We don't take short cuts; from the wiring to the generator and everything in between, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are getting only the very best from Paratus.

Get trained and supported

Our training is tailored to your needs. No big class, just you and our expert trainers.

There is no need to miss days or even a full week of work when you buy and train with us. We have trained thousands of people over the years and have discovered that one-on-one training is the best way. With your spray foam rig or spray foam equipment purchase you will receive a FREE one-day class with our expert staff at our location in Ohio. But, don't worry if you can't make it to us, we can bring your spray foam rig and our training to you!

Our support extends well beyond the classroom, and our support is with you the entire life of your spray foam rig.

Not only does every major component in your spray foam rig come with the security of the full manufacturer's warranty, but when you leave Paratus you will be taking with you the experience, knowledge, and dedication of each person here. We will be there when you are in the field and need support, and we will be there for the entire life of your spray foam rig and spray foam business.

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  • The most dedicated and responsive sales team in the industry
    You request a quote on our spray foam rigs, have questions about the spray foam industry, we will address your needs fast and accurately every time.
  • Technical support and service that is second to none
    We have years of real, on-hand and classroom experience with all of the components used in our spray foam rigs and spray foam equipment. Give a call to 330.745.3600 and let us help you today.
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  • Engineering and excellence in our spray foam rigs
    You will not a better spray foam rig than each one we build at Paratus, from the best Graco spray foam equipment down to the unparalled attention to each and every detail spray foam rigs from Paratus are second to none.